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Affiliate Programs - Earn Money From Your Site

Published Sunday, May 01, 2005

Note: This information below is meant to be read only by individuals who own a website (webmaster) or a blog (blogger). If you are planning to start a website or blog or both then you can bookmark this site for future reference.

Want to make a little extra revenue from your blog or website? Then here are some companies that are offering affiliate programs that will get you started. This short list provides a few ways in which you can make money from your blog or website. I will not be explaining each affiliate program in detail since you can visit their website for much more detailed information.

What is an Affiliate Program?
An affiliate program is where a company offers to pay you x amount money for visitors that come from your site (through a banner or text link provided by them) for either a:
1. click through from your site: Pay-Per-Click. (visitors go to advertiser site from a link on your site)
2. fixed amount for a lead (where the visitor signs up for a program, newsletter, etc.) or
3. Percentage of a purchase made by a visitor as a result of a click through.
Once you decide on which affiliate program you'd like to join, all you need to do is sign up for free. When your registration as an affiliate is complete and approved, you can then start adding affiliate codes in to your blog or website.

So diversify your income and don’t rely on a single income source. Isn’t it a nice feeling to receive an income (a check) each month coming in from different sources? Try out these affiliate programs now and don't put your eggs in one basket.
Get Chitika eMiniMalls
Chitika: This company offers an affiliate program for their eMiniMalls product. It allows you to easily embed a picture of a product shopping area on any page on your blog and/or website. This consists of tabs running across the top that say ‘Description’, ‘Best Deals’, ‘Reviews’ and ‘Search’.

Payment: Payment is via Paypal in US Dollars at the start of every month - 30 days after the end of the month you’re being paid for. You need to earn a minimum of $10 to get a payment. The value of the clicks depend upon the product being featured.

Type of Ads: Ads can be left in default mode or in contextual mode (i.e. they look at your webpage content and try to find ads that are relevant with it). Ads can also be set to be in non contextual mode where you choose specific keywords (products) to target and fit your site description. So, if your site is about cameras then all your products that will be shown will be on cameras only.

You choose the ad format you would like to display on your page when you join and login to your account. There are several ads of varying shapes and sizes you can add to your blog or website depending on your choosing. Also, you have control over the color you want the ads to be so you can let it blend in with your site or let it stand out - what ever suits you best.
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CrispAds Blog Advertising
CrispAds is an ad network for blogs and RSS/Atom feeds. Advertisers can strategically place text ads within specific articles, blog entries and feeds that are relevant to their target markets for less than 60 cents per click.

Payment: They before the 7th of every month for previous month's earnings via PayPal in US Dollars. You need to earn a minimum of $5 to get a payment. The value of the clicks depend upon the product being featured. You earn 70% rev share per click displaying keyword-targeted text ads.

Type of Ads: CrispAds allows bloggers to choose the keyword phrases of the ads that they want or which may interest your readers on your blog.

You choose the ad format you would like to display on your page when you join and login to your account. There are several ads of varying shapes and sizes, you can add to your blog or website depending on your choosing. Also, you have control over the color you want the ads to be so you can let it blend in with your site or let it stand out - what ever suits you best.
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Clicksor is a text-based contextual advertising network company that offers publishers the opportunity to generate revenue from their site by placing contextual ads on their site based on their chosen keywords. Therefore, web publishers can register any number of sites and associate a list of keywords with each of them.

Type of Ads: Clicksor offers webmasters a variety of contextual text such as Text banners, Graphical banners, Pop-Under advertisements, Search box, Contextual inline links, Layer ads and XML feed to host on their websites or blogs. Contextual text ads are then displayed based upon the approved keyword list. You have the option of choosing your ad shape and size. You can also customise your ad color.

Payment: Clicksor passes its profits along to you by paying up to 70% of the advertising revenues generated by your website. That is, the advertising clicks revenues generated from your blog or website. You can even earn much more up to 85% ad revenues for displaying your own ads (opportunity to accept your own advertisers to advertise directly on your blog or website by using the Clicksor Contextual Advertising System). Payments will be made on the 15th of every month for the earnings of the previous month. In any pay period in which your earnings exceed $50.00, a payment will be made out to you either by check or instantly through PayPal. Revenue totaling less that $50 will be rolled over into the following period. However, a minimum payout for Paypal is US $20.
Also, they offer a referral program, you can refer other webmasters to join their contextual advertising affiliate program. They pay you 10% referral commission for each new Advertiser or Publisher referred to Clicksor. Publisher will receive a 10% commission from the daily spending by advertisers referred and a 10% commission from the daily earnings of Publishers referred.
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Adbrite allows you to sell Ad Space on Your Site. It is the Internet's ad marketplace where you have control of your ad space by setting your own price.

Type of Ads: Webmasters can buy and sell text ads based on their site's topic area. You can also buy cheap quality traffic via text ads, intermission ads, or Run of Network ads – with demographic targeting. Adbrite allows bloggers and webmasters when selling ads space to choose the keyword phrases of the ads that they want or which may interest your readers on your blog. If you interested, you can display network ads {which are Pay-Per-Click (Cost-Per-Click) ads} on your site, until you are notified when somebody wants to buy an ad space on your site. Network ads will appear within 24 hours at the ad zone.

Payment: The money you earn from selling ad space on your site will depend your own price set. Also, for the network ads, the value of the clicks depends upon the targeting CPC keyword at a pay rate approved by AdBrite. So, the cost per click on an ads will depend on its keyword. You can set the smallest amount you'd like to earn before a check is sent.
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Text Link Ads
Text Link Ads
Text Link Ads is a targeted traffic and link ad company that provides advertisers and publishers the opportunity to buy and sell text links ads on blogs or websites. In other words, Text link advertising lets you buy html text links, sell ad space, and also if needed, to broker text links on high quality and high traffic sites to increase ones traffic and link popularity on search engines such as on Google.

Type of Ads: Text Link Ads product is not a pay per click or contextually served ad system. Their text link ads are direct HTML links. This can drive targeted traffic and help ones organic search engine rankings if they are buying text link ads from other sites. Their ad serving system supports websites that use server-side processing such as uses PHP, ASP, PERL, Cold Fusion. The system also support most forum and blog software technology. Their ads are safe to use with other contextual ad serving companies. When selling ad space, you have the option to approve or deny any Text Link Ads sold before it is published on your blog or website. You can also make good money (see below) by being a TLA affiliate member by setting up a banner or text link referring advertisers and publishers to their site.

Payment: selling links off your blog or website can earn you between $20.00 - $50.00 per month per link. You are allowed to sell a maximum of 8 links on a web page. Therefore ,with their 50% revenue share policy your site can make between $80.00 and $200.00 per month if they fill all 8 ad spots with advertisers.
For their affiliate program they pay you a flat US $25.00 for any referred visitor that results in a sale or gets accepted into their publisher program. You will get paid the first of every month and have the option of receiving a check or being paid via Paypal. Money earned are sent out to publishers (the first of every month) with a $25 minimum payout.
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Bravenet is the number one provider of frëe web tools for webmasters. Unlike the others mentioned above, this company is not a contextual Advertising company. This company site’s offers a large collection of webmaster tool for website or blog for free. However, apart from making use of these tools for your site you can also earn extra money by referring your website visitors to Bravenet. That is, they'll pay you for sending people to register for these tools. There is no fee to apply and there are no minimum sales requirements. Affiliates from anywhere in the world are welcome.

Type of Ads: This is a referral Affiliate Program that pays you for referring your website visitors to Bravenet. They provide a variety of affiliates codes that you can use on your site: Full Page Codes, Banner codes (of different shapes and sizes), Text Link and Popunder. This affiliate referral links are available from within your Service Manager of your account. From there you can simply copy and paste the special affiliate tracking code of your choosing onto your webpages and starting earning money in minutes.

Payment: If a user registers and becomes an active Bravenet Member through your affiliate link, they will pay you $1.00 for that referral. This means, you will be paid $1.00 each time you send a new active Bravenet member. All payments to Bravenet Affiliates are in US dollars and are paid on a monthly basis. You have the option to select a payment threshold of $50, $100, $150, $200, or $500 as well as the payment method of Paypal or check. If the referral amount payable to you for any calendar month are less than your threshold then that amount will be roll over to the next month or until the total amount due reaches the threshold which you set.
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