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Published Monday, May 02, 2005

Copyright Information

The Site and the compilation of all content within the Site, including its designs are the exclusive property of R. Edmondson at MYUNIVERSALFACTS.COM. The content displayed on this site may not be used for any purpose except, only in association with your direct personal use in relation to the guidelines given. Any other use of the content on this site without the express written consent of MYUNIVERSALFACTS.COM is strictly prohibited.

Your Agreement of the Term and condition

Whenever you are using this Site, including accessing any of its contents or services, you acknowledge that you have agreed to be legally bound by my Terms and Conditions (Agreement) set forth further below in question format. Please read this agreement carefully before copying or redistributing this site’s content.

Changes to Term & Condition
Update to the terms that govern your use of this Site may change at any given time at my own discretion and so, you should make it your duty to review this section periodically.

Terms and Conditions

i) No more than 250 words should be placed or quoted from onto another site. If you need to make reference to the entire content, then link to it.

Under special circumstances, if permission is given, you can use an article on your site in its entirety. however, you must provide the URL where my content will be placed before permission is given.

As such:

ii) All articles should never in any way or form be redistributed on any blog platform. This strictly won’t be allowed at all period. If you are however quoting a section of my article with a link to that article on my site then this is allowed. This could be in the form of a discussion and/or a review on your blog.

iii) Articles, if permissionis given, should not be use for any commercial purposes or for the motive of only using it to place contextual ads on. Articles should have the author’s name (R. Edmondson), as well as, the URL source (my site: http://www.myuniversalfacts.com). This means that the link back to my site should be a clickable hyperlink URL with name written out or better still, with an hypertext link using the word Did You KNow? as the anchor text which should lead to my URL when clicked on.

iv) Website promoting violence or hate oriented speech , spam, libel or defamation , pornography, offensive content and any other fraudulent or illegal activity will not be allowed to use any of my articles from my site in any form.

By not following all of these requirements and guidelines will resulting you infringing on my copyright.

Consequences of infringing on my copyright

Okay, you are either contemplating whether to infringe on my copyright or just want to know how serious I am. Whatever the case, here are some steps that will be taken:

  • You will be reported to your respective advertisers if you are using any contextual advertising such as Google adsense, Yahoo publisher and so on.
  • You will be reported to your web hosting company and/or your internet provider.
  • You will be reported to Google, Yahoo and MSN search engine.
  • Your site will be added to a black list of sites that keep a list of copyright infringers.
  • As a last resort Legal action will be taken. This will depend on the seriousness and your cooperation of the copyright violation. I have no interest to go this far and neither should you so, don’t push it.
  • Any other action that is felt fit for the violation.

Note: It is important to note that if you found yourself breaking any of these terms and conditions these consequences will not be automatic if it was done unintentionally and you take the necessary step to correct this immediately. It took me a great deal of time and energy to write all these articles so be considerate. For those of you are not, you are warned.

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