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Collective Nouns for Fish - What Group of Fish are Called

Published Monday, August 14, 2006

Collective nouns are words that denote a collection (grouping) of people, animals, objects or concepts as a unit. In the English language, there are so many different collective nouns (group nouns) for mostly everything both living and non-living that there are even multiple collective names for most of them.

Sometime ago we looked at the Collective Nouns for Animals, Birds, People, Objects and Concepts. Now this week we are looking at the Collective Nouns for Fish. Almost everyone knows what a group of fish is called but do you know what a group of fish from a specific specie is called? There are several different specie of fish and the English language provides group names (collective nouns) for each specie of fish in a group. Here you will find words that are used to describe groups of various types of fish. You will even find multiple collective names for some. Check the list below and see how much you know and learn a few. Alternative collective name (s) is given in bracket.

What Group of Fish Are Called

A company of angel fish
A company of archer fish

A battery of barracuda
A shoal of barbels
A fleet of bass (shoal)
A grind of blackfish
A school of butterfly fish

A school of cod

A swarm of dragonet fish
A troop of dogfish
A flock of dolphins (school, team)

A swarm of eels

A shoal of fish (catch, draught, fray, haul, run, school)
A glide of flying fish

A glint of goldfish (troubling)

A glean of herrings (army, shoal)





A shoal of mackerel
A shoal of minnows (steam, stream, swarm)



A pack of perch
A shoal of pilchards (school)
A cluster of porcupine fish
A gam of porpoises (herd, pod, school, turmoil)


A party of rainbow fish
A shoal of roach

A bind of salmon (draught, leap, run, school, shoal)
A family of sardines
A herd of seahorses
A shoal of shad
A shiver of sharks (school, shoal)
A troup of shrimps
A quantity of smelt
A shoal of sticklebacks (spread)
A flotilla of swordfish

A hover of trout (shoal)
A float of tunas (troup)



A pod of whiting




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At 4:47 AM, Anonymous Aunty Holly said...
At 2:27 PM, Blogger R. Edmondson said...
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At 10:45 AM, Blogger endy smith said...

Excellent Food Group - A Platter of Fish!

Aunty Holly:
I guess its also your favorite Food Group :)

Thanks for stopping by.


Excellent info ... Thanks a lot

Thanks for the valuable information

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