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Spanish Family Names: Family Members in Spanish

Published Saturday, December 27, 2008

Here are a list of various family members (relatives) names in Spanish. You can use them to say the names of your family members in Spanish. The names for male members are masculine and end with the letter "o", and the names for female members are feminine and end with the letter "a". So you replace the last letter in a family name with "a" or "o" depending on if the relative is female or male, respectively. If you are naming a family member group that has both male and female relatives then you use the masculine form.

Names of Family Relatives in Spanish

  • padre: ______________________ father
  • madre:______________________ mother
  • hermano:____________________ brother
  • hermana:____________________ sister
  • suegro:______________________ father-in-law
  • suegra:______________________ mother-in-law
  • cuñado: _____________________ brother-in-law
  • cuñada: _____________________ sister-in-law
  • esposo, marido:_______________ husband
  • esposa, marida:_______________ wife
  • abuelo:______________________ grandfather
  • abuela:______________________ grandmother
  • bisabuelo: ___________________ great-grandfather
  • bisabuela: ___________________ great-grandmother
  • tatarabuelo: _________________ great-great-grandfather
  • tatarabuela: _________________ great-great-grandmother
  • hijo: ________________________ son
  • hija: ________________________ daughter
  • nieto: _______________________ grandson
  • nieta: _______________________ granddaughter
  • bisnieto:_____________________ great-grandson
  • bisnieta:_____________________ great-granddaughter
  • tataranieto:__________________ great-great-grandson
  • tataranieta:__________________ great-great-granddaughter
  • tío: _________________________ uncle
  • tía: _________________________ aunt
  • tío abuelo: ___________________ great-uncle
  • tía abuela: ___________________ great-aunt
  • primo:_______________________ cousin (male)
  • prima:_______________________ cousin (female)
  • primo carnal, prima carnal:_____ first cousin
  • primo segundo, prima segunda:__ second cousin
  • sobrino:______________________ nephew
  • sobrina:______________________ niece
  • padrastro:____________________ stepfather
  • madrastra: ___________________ stepmother
  • hijastro:______________________ stepson
  • hijastra:______________________ stepdaughter
  • hermanastro:__________________ stepbrother
  • hermanastra:__________________ stepsister
  • medio hermano, hermano de padre, hermano de madre: _ half brother
  • media hermana, hermana de padre, hermana de madre: _ half sister

Some other terms used to say your family members name in Spanish
  • papá ______________________ dad
  • mamá _____________________ mum
  • mis padres _________________ my parents
  • mis papás __________________ my mum and dad
  • concuñado: ______________________ husband of one's spouse's sister
  • concuñada: ______________________ wife of one's spouse's brother
  • prometido, novio: _________________ fiance, boyfriend, groom
  • prometida, novia: _________________ fiancee, girlfriend, bride

Friend and Acquaintance
  • amigo: ______________________ friend (male)
  • amiga: ______________________ friend (female)
  • conocido: ____________________ acquaintance (male)
  • conocida: ____________________ acquaintance (female)

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Hi. Here are another two for you:
Nuero : Son-in-law
Nuera: Daughter-in-law.

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